About My Recipes

I love to cook. But I’m a home cook; I leave the finesse to restaurant professionals. My goal is to get a healthy, appealing meal on the table with minimal effort and clean-up.

My recipes are designed to:

Keep you out of the kitchen. I know how busy evenings can be when kids are in the picture. Twenty minutes is about the most I’m willing to spend in the kitchen on weeknights and I’m also a big fan of freezer meals for nights when all I can manage is preheating the oven.

Keep the kitchen clean! One pot, one pan, slow cooker, etc… Cooking is only half the battle. I know you know what I mean!

Get straight to the point. I don’t peel vegetables, I don’t butterfly chicken, I don’t pre-boil lasagna noodles. Maybe these steps are traditional, but in my experience, you can still make food taste pretty darn good without them.

Use common ingredient amounts If a recipe only calls for half a jar of something, there’s a good chance I’m going to find that jar spoiling in the back of my fridge a week later. Whenever possible, my recipes use the full quantity of common ingredient sizes.

Make good use of healthy prepared ingredients. I have carved up a whole butternut squash exactly once in my life. Those pre-peeled cubes are a lifesaver! So are canned beans, frozen vegetables, prepared pizza dough and the like, so you’ll find that my recipes rely on them often.

Feed the whole family. I don’t believe in cooking separate meals for kids. It’s double the work and doesn’t encourage kids to develop a diverse palate, so my recipes are designed to appeal to parents and kids alike.

Search for a recipe below or visit my recipe archive to start saving time in the kitchen!


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