Baby-Led Weaning Workshops

Starting solids with your baby soon?

Research shows that baby-led weaning is safest and most effective when done under expert guidance. That’s why I’m so passionate about teaching both local (Oklahoma City area) and virtual baby-led weaning workshops!

With baby-led weaning, you’ll skip traditional purees and store-bought baby food. Instead, your baby will learn to eat with pieces of whole foods like soft fruits and vegetables, eggs, fish and meat and will quickly move on to the very same food the rest of the family is enjoying. This method teaches babies to enjoy family food from the start and may reduce picky eating later in life.

In my workshop, you’ll learn why baby-led weaning is effective, when and how to start solid foods safely, what foods to offer and how to adapt your family meals for your baby, plus practical tips and the right foods to offer to meet your baby’s nutritional needs.

Next workshop:

Stay tuned, I have recently relocated to Oklahoma City and will be posting dates for my future workshops soon. You are welcome to contact me at diana [at] for additional information.

Private workshops

In-home workshops are also available in the Oklahoma City metro area! I also offer one-on-one and lessons, both in-person and virtually. Contact me at diana [at] for rates and to set up a time.

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