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Have I mentioned that I’m super pregnant?

Like, literally having a baby any day now pregnant (my due date was yesterday…) And in addition to finally getting to meet my new baby, one thing about not being pregnant anymore that I’m really looking forward to is my heartburn letting up.

Looking at the photos for this recipe, you might think that I created it in an attempt to please a picky toddler. Buttered pasta is the quintessential picky kid food, right? And a dietitian mom would likely try to dress it up just a little with some kid-friendly diced vegetables. But no! I whipped up this dish one afternoon recently when every other food I had on hand felt like it would really agitate my heartburn. As a bonus, it was a big hit with my two year old!

Buttered pasta...quintessential picky kid food or a great food for mamas with heartburn? You decide! Click To Tweet

Although our diets during pregnancy are incredibly important, I also think it’s extremely important to cut ourselves some slack and recognize that the baby will grow perfectly well if, once in awhile, our meals don’t meet ideal nutrition standards. Honestly, when I first cooked this pasta dish I was contemplating not eating anything at all in order to assuage my heartburn, so eating buttered pasta is definitely better than that!

And on the flip side, if this is the only kind of meal your toddler will actually consume vegetables in, that’s okay too. Keep serving it, switch up the veggies once in awhile, and model consumption of even more nutritious versions of the meal yourself (try serving your own portion of this with tomato sauce if your kid isn’t yet a fan, for example).

Now excuse me…I have to go pop a few antacids and pack my hospital bag!

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