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The experience of Halloween for food-allergic children has really transformed over the past couple of years.

Since The Teal Pumpkin Project officially launched in 2014, food-allergic kids can safely trick-or-treat for non-food items at thousands of homes all over the country. To participate, simply stock up on some non-food treats and sign up online!

This year, of course, my family will be participating. But since I’m also taking *baby steps* to reduce the amount of plastic we rely on in our day-to-day life, I’ve worried a bit about buying small plastic toys to pass out. Now don’t get me wrong: if fun plastic trinkets can help a food-allergic kid to have a happy Halloween, I’m really all for it. But as the parent of a toddler who has collected her share of trinkets at birthday parties, I also know that the non-plastic options are just as much fun for her, so why not focus on those?

So, I hit the internet to round up some of my favorite slightly-more-eco-friendly options for a Teal Pumpkin Halloween. These are my favorites:

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Bloomin’ Party Favor Packs

I did a MAJOR happy dance when I discovered this product!!! They are just so neat. Each fun paper shape is embedded with seeds, so you can plant it and watch it grow. They are available in maple leaves, butterflies, hearts, smily faces and more.

And I am SUPER excited to be partnering with Bloomin’ for a giveaway! Head on over to my Facebook and Instagram pages between Oct. 15th and 19th, 2018 to enter (contest launches at 8 pm CST on Oct. 14th).

Paper Straws

There’s a huge movement to move away from plastic straws. Starbucks will even be moving to paper straws by 2020! And every kid I know loves drinking from them, so recyclable paper Halloween straws will surely be fun.

Mini Coloring Books

I love mini coloring books, they’re super easy to throw in the diaper bag for fun on the go. So who cares if my kid is coloring a Halloween-themed one next spring, if that’s how long we happen to keep it!

Friendship Bracelets

Remember these? I totally rocked a wristful of these nylon bracelets in neon colors growing up. Now, nylon technically is a type of plastic, so a more eco-friendly version would be to make some DIY bracelets out of cotton embroidery floss. I can totally see an older kid taking this on as a craft project using shades of teal!

Wooden Pencils

I’m not sure there’s much to say about pencils other than I’m always trying to find one when I’m hanging something on a wall and never seem to be able to! I’m sure they’ll become more common in my house as my kids learn how to write, of course, and a stash of Halloween-themed ones will be fun.

Glow in the Dark Tattoos

These are my favorite party favor! I’ve been giving away tattoos at my kids’ birthday parties since my oldest turned one. They’re super fun, last for a few days and then POOF, they’re gone and you don’t have a little trinket junking up your home!

Halloween Stickers

My three-year-old is in a major sticker phase right now. Stickers on her art projects, stickers on my kitchen cabinets, stickers on her little sister…you get the idea. I love that Halloween can be an occasion to help her build her stash!

Mini Notebooks

We use mini notebooks for coloring (and sticker-ing, see above) on the go. I find that kids love these because they’re small, just like them!

Will you be participating in the Teal Pumpkin Project this year? Even (especially!) if your child does not have food allergies, I encourage you to do so! Non-food treats are fun for every kid to enjoy and participating is a wonderful way to help children with food allergies feel included (and sprinkle a little less sugar out into the world, too!)

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