What’s the Best High-Speed Blender for Moms?


If there’s one thing that has made feeding my family easier since I’ve become a mom, it’s my high-speed blender!

For the first year of my daughter’s life, I used my 6+ years old standard blender and was consistently frustrated with it. I finally got a Blendtec for my birthday a year later and it opened my eyes to all the simple recipes I could have been making with it all along.

So I highly recommend that you consider getting the special mom in your life one of these gizmos. And if you’re the mom, make it known that you want one!

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For anyone in the market for a high-speed blender, Blendtec vs. Vitamix seems to be the ultimate debate. I poured over dozens of articles and blog posts contrasting the merits of each brand and found that most concluded with some sort of statement along the lines of, “Whatever you choose, you’ll end up with a great blender!”

My Blendtec, which I use to make fruit-flavored yogurt with no added sugar almost every week!

So if they’re both so great, I personally decided to go with the brand that was best for my lifestyle as a mom. And hands down, that was the Blendtec. To me, the Blendtec’s advantages include:

The jar is dishwasher safe. Can I say this 1000 more times? You can put it. In. The dishwasher. End of story! Vitamix offers a few models with dishwasher safe jars, but they tend to be the smaller ones.

The blades are dull. No joke, I know a mom who ended up in the ER because she jammed her fingers down onto the blades of her blender while cleaning it. No thank you! No matter how slim the chance of this happening to me or my kids, I’m happy not to have to think about it.

It’s shorter and more lightweight. I haul enough things (namely my toddler) around. The Blendtec’s size and weight make moving it around one less thing to worry about, especially when my strength is lacking due to pregnancy or postpartum recovery.

But the real advantage of owning either brand (or even another brand like Ninja) is that it really makes cooking so much easier. You might notice that a significant number of my recipes suggest using one! And it’s not just about making smoothies, either! To show off exactly what you can do with one of these babies, I surveyed other RD bloggers and put together this high-speed blender recipe round-up:

Easy, Flavorful Sauces and Spreads: 

Clockwise from top left:

Lemon Chimichurri Sauce from Street Smart Nutrition. With a batch of this in the fridge, just grill some meat and pair it with a salad and suddenly dinner has its fancy pants on!

Maple Roasted Pecan Butter from Marisa Moore Nutrition. Making your own nut butters takes a little more work, but it really saves a lot of money. And this one sounds divine!

Butternut Squash Caulfredo Sauce from Byte Sized Nutrition. I’m not into hiding veggies, but I am into easy preparations of veggies I love and this sauce certainly serves that purpose.

Spring Greens Freezer Pesto from Nourish Nutrition Co. I love having a flavorful pesto I can just pull from the freezer! This one uses arugula and basil.

Green Salsa Verde from The Nutritionist Reviews. So easy, but also super impressive. Just broil the veggies and then blend!

Quick Breakfasts: 

Clockwise from top left:

Gorgeous Green Smoothie Bowl from Liz’s Healthy Kitchen. With how easy it is to make smoothies in a high-speed blender, you might even have time to make a gorgeous smoothie bowl!

Blueberry French Toast from Nutrition to Fit. This recipe purees blueberries right into the egg mixture, providing natural sweetness. Plus you can freeze the leftovers and toast them on busy mornings!

Baked Vanilla Oatmeal Custard from Nutrition to Fit. Can’t you just smell this one already? This is just what I like to wake up for, and one batch can last all week.

DIY Strawberry Yogurt from yours truly. I could rant about the amount of sugar found in most commercial yogurts all day. Until there’s an option available that’s sweetened with just fruit, I’ll be blending mine!

Baked Omelet Roll from My Menu Pal. The omelet roll becomes a crepe that can be filled with all sorts of filling and nutritious things.

Snacks and Treats:

Clockwise from top left:

Banana Oat Blender Muffins from yours truly. I have a love/hate relationship with most weekend baking, but I LOVE how easy a high-speed blender makes baking these sugar-free snacks!

Chocolate Banana Lactation Cookie Bars from Kiss in the Kitchen. I might love these bars more than my own lactation cookie recipe due to how easy they are to make!

Chocolate Banana Nice Cream from Amy Gorin Nutrition. Just two ingredients!

Chocolate Almond Bites from Nutrition a la Natalie. This is a copycat recipe of a store brand of energy bites that would be super fun to make with kids!

Low-Sugar Blueberry Chia Seed Jam from yours truly. Another example of something that’s worth making at home to cut back on your family’s added sugar consumption.

Nutritious Soups:

Clockwise from top left:

5 Minute Homemade Gazpacho from The Spicy RD. I love gazpacho and this recipe looks delish. If your kids like tomato sauce (my daughter will eat it with a spoon!) give it a shot as an alternative preparation.

Roasted Red Pepper Soup from Salubrious RD. I like to keep a box or two of roasted red pepper soup on hand for rainy days, but Sarah claims you’ll never buy the boxed version again after trying this one.

Easy Black Bean Soup from yours truly. I actually use an immersion blender to puree this soup, but I use my high-speed blender to roughly chop the veggies before throwing everything in the slow cooker.

Kitchen Hacks!

Left to right:

100% Whole Wheat Breadcrumbs from yours truly. The blender turns dried bread into perfect breadcrumbs in seconds!

Brussels Sprout, Cranberry and Roasted Almond Salad from Create Kids Club. Check out the instructions, you can use the blender to chop veggies like Brussels sprouts!

Where do you land in the high-speed blender debate? Do you own one and love it? What’s your favorite recipe?

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