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Hey there, how was your summer? Mine has been pretty chill…just had a second baby and relocated across the country all within the span of a month! Okay, so not so chill after all…

Top: My essentials! My daughter’s WubbaNub pacifier – we take it everywhere – and probiotics and mama’s coffee with dairy-free creamer. Above: Just a few minutes after meeting our precious girl!

A few months ago, my husband scored a great opportunity to transfer within his company to a new role based out of St. Louis, MO. Being a die-hard NYC girl, I knew this would be a big change for me, but I was also excited for my husband and about what the relocation meant for our family. Plus, I’d heard some really great things about St. Louis!

His promotion just so happened to time up exactly with my due date, so we ended up moving three weeks after our new baby girl, Leighton, was born. Although we’d visited St. Louis on a house hunting trip when I was about eight months pregnant, we didn’t find the right fit for us. So we kept our eyes on the available properties in our desired areas of the city and ended up buying a house sight unseen when Leighton was six days old!

A visit to the Gateway Arch during our house hunting trip to St. Louis when I was about eight months pregnant.

After spending a month in temporary housing, we finally got to move into our new place two weeks ago. After living out of suitcases and boxes for almost two months, I’m so happy to be getting settled again! And I’m particularly excited about my new kitchen.

Leighton is doing really well now, but about a week after we arrived in St. Louis, my baby girl unfortunately struck a high fever and endured a brief hospital stay. She’s completely fine now, but since she received a course of antibiotics in the hospital, I’ve started her on probiotics. You’re never too young for good gut health!

Shortly after her hospital stay, her bowel movements took a turn for the worse. They turned from yellow to green and sometimes had streaks of pink or red in them. She also seemed to be really uncomfortable whenever she had to poop and became incredibly fussy in general.

My toddler enjoying some frozen custard after a trip to a U-Pick farm for peaches and apples. The baby is enjoying her milk, too, and I’m just enjoying the view!

I chalked all of this up to the antibiotics she’d received in the hospital, but our new pediatrician suggested that the most likely cause was a cow’s milk protein intolerance, also sometimes called MSPI (milk soy protein intolerance).

Up for the challenge, I started by cutting out all dairy with the plan of cutting out soy next if we didn’t see enough of an improvement (about half of all babies who react to cow’s milk protein also react to soy protein). But fortunately, her bowel movements improved after a week or so of me going dairy-free and at her next doctor’s appointment, her stool was blood-free. And I’m not sure if it’s related, but her baby acne has cleared up as well!

She’s still fussier than she used to be, but then again she’s a newborn baby, so maybe it’s just a phase. And while I miss yogurt, half and half and, most importantly, CHEESE, going dairy-free really hasn’t been too bad. Stay tuned for some recipe and product suggestions if you’re dairy-free yourself.

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